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I created a website, installed a pre-made script, that site was hacked and phishing emails were sent by hacker(s).

Altoona, IA |

I received notice that the largest online payment processing company was the target of the phishing and my webhost forwarded my information to that payment processing company which forwarded this to the FBI, now that payment processing company is saying I infringed their trademark/copy right when to my knowledge it was no where publicly visible on my site, however the quick free-ware script my site was running off of came with a default feature to accept payments from this leading payment processor, however I never enabled this feature, they are saying that it was visible in the source code. I never put it there, am I liable? im pretty sure I never violated any laws. since this incident I have requested that ALL my webmaster works be removed from the public, this situation scares me!

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Hire an attorney immediately. You should be concerned if the Federal Gov't is involved. I would not spend any more time trying to get answers on this site or any others. This is a complex litigation issue that needs hands on immediate attention. Good luck my friend,

  2. Get a lawyer and fight the allegations. You will need to work with a lawyer to develop what happened and point to the real hacker who did it.

    Most lawyers will give you a free consultation if you ask for one. We do this all the time, but remember that our time is valuable and you should stay with the people who help you the most.

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