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I cosigned for a car loan with my girlfriend. Does that mean that we're common law married?

Austin, TX |

We don't live together 'nor do we publicly state that we are married.

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  1. What you have explained does not meet the legal requirements for a 'common law' marriage.

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  2. This probably does not make you married. If you are concerned about it, you might want to consider having a lawyer draft a Cohabitation Agreement that sets out both of your property rights and that you do not agree to be married.

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  3. Not by itself. If you want to make sure you do not "accidentally" get married, talk to a lawyer about how to avoid that result.

    Good luck.

  4. To be common law married, you have to agree to be married and hold yourself out to others as married.

  5. No; simply cosigning a document with another person does not create a common law marriage.