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I committed a felony when I was a juvenile and am trying to get a security guard position/ license. Will my Felony prevent this?

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I was 12 years old and broke into a school after a hurricane totaled it. Regardless of hurricane damages and only being there once (after finding out my friends were there more than once..) I was still equally charged for a few minor crimes as well as pricy court fees and restitution fees. I have 2 jobs now that for sure do not hire felons. However the Navy turned me down. they do a DOD background check. So does that mean my record is sealed since my jobs do not know? I know it is not expunged. How do I check to find out if it is sealed? Will I have to pay off court fees and restitution fees before it can be sealed? I finished Parol early as well as my school placement. I have no criminal history since not even a parking ticket and graduated with straight A's. Thoughts?

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  1. There are various degrees of background checks. The military has the opportunity to dig deep. Juvenile records are not available on all checks. Your best solution right now is to hire an attorney in your state who is familiar with criminal charges and background records to help you do as much as possible to protect your background information.

  2. Whether an employer chooses to hire you is up to the employer. This is not really a criminal law question.
    Since you were a juvenile when this occured and if you have never been convicted of any other charge since the employer should not hold this against you.

  3. Lots of thoughts. Look at the answers from my colleagues.

  4. If it has been over ten years since you finished your sentence, and you have no other arrests, you MAY be eligible to seal. You should speak with an attorney in person

  5. I agree that it's possible that some agencies will know about your juvenile history and others will not. The Florida Statutes on expunction only allow certain agencies information on whether something was removed from a record and also whether something is sealed on it. If you have no other adjudicated history and you weren't adjudicated delinquent on the offense you're speaking of, you may be eligible to seal. Without more information, no one can tell you. You should look to hire an attorney to review it for you if you think it's causing you problems.

  6. It will not prevent you from getting a license. It could prevent you from getting a job.

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