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I cancelled my gym membership in December. Not they want my January fee PLUS $75 in late fees

Ann Arbor, MI |

I cancelled in December, after it took a few tries. All seemed to go well. I get a call around the middle of the month, doesn't give much detail, I assume it is trying to get me back so I ignore it. Another week another call. I called back this time and left a message, I worried that they might not have gotten my cancellation even though I have a copy of their acceptance. Nothing through the holidays, then yesterday another call. I returned it and left a message again. Today I get a new message claiming that I owe $85. I finally make contact. They want $10 for the month after I cancelled, silly but ok. Then they want $25 for each time the tried to run my account info for payment. I told them no, they threatened collections and are willing to drop to $60. It all seems bogus to me

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  1. Based on the facts you provided, it sounds bogus to me too.

    If you have their acceptance of your cancellation in writing before any of the new charges incurred, they should not have any standing to charge you anything more (unless you have a contract that states otherwise). I would email them - so you have a record of it - with attachments of prior contacts, stating that you owe nothing and they need to leave you alone. Be polite but firm.

    If that fails, dispute the charge with the credit card company.

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  2. Most likely, the answer to your question is within the contract that you signed. Review it to determine when you need to give notice of cancellation, what charges you are liable for, etc. Keep copies of everything!

  3. You need to take a look at the written application/contract you see to what they may or may not be entitled to. But some of these fees and add-ons may be bogus and even violate the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.

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