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I can't afford "Parental Coordinator" how do I get him removed?

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The parental coordinator costs $350 an hour. I make minimum wage. My ex can afford to pay him. I can not. She finds excuses to contact the coordinator. The intent is clear. To financially ruin me. The coordinator insists that I pay half even when it is clear that the reason my ex contacted him is a non issue. How do I get him removed? I can't afford it. It is like a financial nuclear bomb.

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If the court ordered this person's involvement, the only thing you can do is apply to the court to see if you can get a waiver of your 50% of the costs. Unless you qualify for IFP status, they probably won't issue such an order, but that's the only way it can be done. Courts love these people because it takes the work load for lots of mundane stuff off their desk. And, you're 100% correct - your ex is doing this to ruin you. No doubt about it. The problem is, unless you can convince a judge, there is nothing you can do about it.

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We reached settlement before court. So the coordinator is not imposed but rather endorsed by the court. Financially it is absurd to Imagine that I can in any way afford this. I tried to speak with the coordinator before I acquiesced to his appointment, he refused to speak with me at all. I did not know how much he cost. Just knowing his rate would have warned me off of accepting him. I communicated with him letting him know that I simply can't afford this. He basically told me "too bad" even when he agreed that the issues raised were not substantive. If he were willing to make her pay when her claims are frivolous that would be one thing. But he did not do so even after tacitly acknowledging that they were. What happens if I pay him, but at a rate, say, 3 times my hourly wage?


You'll have to file a motion to modify your custody judgment - either to remove the parenting coordinator entirely, or, more likely, to change the cost allocation - say, to the proportion of your actual incomes, rather than 50/50. If your income is substantially different from your co-parent's, a court might find a proportional payment responsibility to be fair.

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It's likely that the Coordinator was appointed by the Court under an Order. You'll have to file a Motion to modify that Order. It sounds like you have a decent chance of having that Order modified. You should consult with an attorney about how to do that.

Best of luck to you.

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