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I broke my probation for my DWI. What will happen? my case is in williamson county.

Round Rock, TX |

They say i messed with the interlock system and there was a violation.

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  1. Any number of things can happen. I recommend you hire an attorney to represent you on the pv to help prevent you from going to jail. The judge could modify your probation, extend your probation, put in jail for a few days, put you in jail for several months, just admonish you that it better never happen again, or any number of other outcomes. I am not a big fan of Interlock devices. Be very careful with yours if you want to be successful on probation.

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  2. You need a lawyer now. I practice in Travis and Williamson Counties. What's going to happen depends on who your judge is. That's why it's important to have a local lawyer who knows what's important to the judge. If you are on probation you could be be looking at up to 180 days in jail for a first DWI, up to 1 year for a second DWI, or up to 10 years in prison if it's a third. P
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  3. Meet with an attorney when possible. The Trial Court has options available to him if you are revoked. When you were placed on probation the court assessed a jail sentence and the suspended or probated the sentence for a period of time. One option is the court could impose the original jail sentence. The court could also place sanctions on you and continue on probation. If the allegation was for tampering with the interlock device then the natural conclusion is you were consuming alcohol. Continue with you AA meetings to let the court know you take probation seriously.

    Good luck to you.

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  4. The previous answerers gave excellent responses but I wanted to add another point.

    The judge sees someone tampering with their interlock as a direct challenge to the court's authority. That makes it all the more important for you to ensure that you are doing everything else you can as well as you can on probation. Do extra AA meetings, do more CSR than required, pay your fines/fees more quickly than they order.

    Do everything you can to show the judge that you want to be successful on probation and that you aren't just messing around.

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