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I bought my gf a car and now have to take it back

San Diego, CA |

I bought my ex fiance a car in my name and she has made all payments til now. But she stopped making the payments because of the break up. Since its only in my name, Is there anything I can do to make her pay? And if not, the car needs to be shipped back to me, can I get her to cover the expenses?

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Unfortunately, you are holding the bag. Unless you have a written oral agreement with her, you can't make her pay through a legal action. But, as the titled owner, you have the right to possession of the car as long as you do not breach the peace taking it back.

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Agreed. repossessing a car is not legal the way it is done on tv. If she won't give it over, then you'll need the sheriff there to help keep the peace

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As the registered owner and signer on the loan, you are responsible for all payments. If she does not make them, then the lender could re-possess the car, and ding your credit.
You probably cannot force her to make the monthly payments.
You are entitled to possession, but doing a repo on your own is not a good idea.
She will probably not be required to cover any shipping expenses. Basically, she can leave the car anywhere she wants and not even tell you. You should probably make arrangements to get the car back as soon as possible.

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