I bought a house on a private street. what are my rights and responsiblities. children access to go to school can they?

was a blinking sign that said private stree, dead end. also the dead end is baracaded so no cars can go thru. vandals keep knocking sign down. is this tresspassing. since the children have been using my street as a shortcut for more than 10 years, can i stop it. there are five residents on the street can we close it off.

Jackson, MS -

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Stephen Walker Burrow

Stephen Walker Burrow

Business Attorney - Pascagoula, MS

The only way to answer this is for you to bring your deed to an attorney experienced in real estate. There are very few truly "private" streets. Its status will be determined by the applicable land records on file with the Chancery Clerk's office. It will be complicated and only an attorney can help guide you through this.

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Michael T Millar

Michael T Millar

Real Estate Attorney - Toms River, NJ

There is not enough information to provide a complete answer.

One would need to know if there are any easements, rights of way or other documents granting use of the roadway to others.

You mention that there are five families who use the private street, I can only surmise that you each have an easement to use the street and you would need the agreement of all five to take any action affecting the easement.

There are also issues of liability - you could be liable for slip and fall and other personal injuries for those using the roadway.

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