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I bought a house a few months before I got married and now I'm getting divorced. Who gets to keep the house?

Fort Worth, TX |

The house is under my name only and so are all the bills. I have a 2 year old with my soon to be ex-wife. We have been married for 3 years.

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According to TX law:
Because you bought the house before the marriage, it is your separate property, however your wife may have a claim. For reimbursement for any money spent on the home, from community funds, during the marriage. Consult a local family law attorney to get you through the divorce process productively with the least amount of impact on your child.

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Typically, property purchased before marriage is separate property. But, who gets to keep the property is a matter of negotiation between the parties. Sometimes, the non-owning spouse gets the other spouse's separate property if the other spouse agrees. In other words, the owning spouse can agree to satisfy monetary obligations with the separate property.

Retain a good divorce attorney to protect your interests. As a matter of preliminary negotiation strategy, you should maintain that what is yours is yours and what is hers is hers, and that the community property should be appropriately divided in a fair and reasonable manner.

Good luck.

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The house is still your separate property but you may be required to reimburse her for 50% of any equity that has accrued in the 3 year marriage.

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