I blew a 0.07 on a military base. What's next?

I blew a 0.07 on a military base while coming through the gate. I have a court date out in town in Alexandria on Apr 1, 2013 (2 months from now). What do I do now? What to expect from the civilian and military authorities? Can my command punish me before the civilian court date? Will I get a DUI or a reckless? I feel like 8 years of service just went down the drain.

Arlington, VA -

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Philip Douglas Cave

Philip Douglas Cave

Military Law Attorney - Alexandria, VA

If this is a state prosecution the command can do an Art. 15 or court-martial.
If this is a federal civilian case there are some issues of double jeopardy in the Eastern Dist. of VA, based on some cases that happened a few years ago at Quantico.

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