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I bit into a hamburger from a fast food restaurant and chipped part of my tooth on what appears to be a piece of bone. Should I

Scottsdale, AZ |

Should I try to be compensated for damages and get a lawyer or do I not have a case? FYI: I have not gone to a dentist yet. this just happened, but i do feel a little pain as if food/sugar is seeping in there.

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The first thing you should have done was reported the incident to the restaurant. The next would be to save the bone and the rest of the hamburger and immediately make an appointment with a dentist to get thoroughly checked out. Sometimes this type of injury will cause long term damage which cannot be determined right away. Therefore , you should also consult with a local experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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you should keep the burger, the bone and the receipt. Take pictures of your mouth, and go to a dentist and tell them what happened, so they can fix it. Then, you should contact a personal injury attorney so they can guide you further.

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Get an estimate from dentist, and have restaurant cover.

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It is hard to say without more information. I would keep all the burger and the receipt. I would also go see your dentist. Tell them what happened and ask his opinion. If the dentist believes it was caused by the food, you may have a case. If you don't have the burger and receipt (or if you don't have pictures) you may not have any proof that you chipped it at the restaurant. Regardless, you might find it difficult to find a local attorney to find the case since it sounds like a small amount of damages.

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