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I believe my Uncle was offered a deal before trial. How do I find out if the Prosecution offered him a deal?

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I believe trial counsel may have not told me about a deal that was offered to my Uncle. How can I find out through the correct procedures if he was offered a deal.

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  1. Trial counsel's obligation is to your uncle. The rules of attorney/client privilege may preclude him from sharing this information. Ask your uncle.

  2. If you are a co defendant, you are entitled to know what the other defendant was offered.

  3. Unless, as indicated by Mr. Keller, you are a co-defendant you ate not entitled to that information and his counsel is clearly not obligated to talk to you about the matter. Your uncle can share that with you if he so chooses.

  4. I agree with my colleagues. I am uncertain about why you are asking this. The only person that he should convey the offer to is his client, your uncle. Failure to tell you is of no consequence. If he failed to convey it to your uncle, then there is an issue.

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  5. I agree, the DA nor your uncle's lawyer have no obligation to tell you. If you are a co-defendant, your lawyer can find out.

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