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I believe I have a lawsuit against Moose Lodge 2364, can I sue them for defamation of character?

Bakersfield, CA |

I first received a letter terminating my priveledges in the Lodge, they had a meeting and did not inform me of this meeting which was in regards to myself. Against by-laws of Moose International, sent a second letter and use section codes of the Moose and use CPC 646.9 and 242, my husband is a past Governor & we r now divorcing, he filed two restraining orders and both were denied. I had a personal issues outside of the Lodge with the present Govenor & his wife, I received the letter 1 day before our personal issues was completed, I have NEVER misconducted myself inside this Lodge and the two letters state several written complaints, in the first meeting a officer that was at the meeting said there was only ONE letter. They have been instructed by International to conduct a new meeting

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Defamation is an extremely difficult case. For any one to evaluate your potential suit, more facts are needed. Specifically the contents of any alleged statements. Also, statements that are a person's opinion are not the basis of a defamation suit.
If you have copies of those statements and your divorce attorney either does not want to pursue such an action or does not handle those types of cases, many local (county) bar associations in California operate a referral service. For a small fee to the service, an attorney that handles that type of case will give you an appointment for 30-45 minutes.
Also, you might just ask yourself if you want to or can maintain the membership. It sounds as though your divorce is very animostic and your soon to be ex is going to stay with his old buddies who are going to stay with him.
I am not a Moose/Elk and do not know if they now have female members. If they do, why not transfer your membership to another lodge. Staying where you are is certainly not going to be pleasant.

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