I been charge with 11377(a) hs and 11364 hs, this is my first time. What are my options and time serve

What they found was a pipe with a small amount left

Stockton, CA -

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Chris J Feasel

Chris J Feasel

Criminal Defense Attorney

You're probably DEJ/Prop 36 eligible. Have an attorney review the facts of your case and go over all of your options. If you can't afford private counsel, an attorney will be appointed for you when you go to court. Good luck.

Mr. Feasel is a former prosecutor in San Mateo County (CA) with over 10 years of criminal law experience. Nothing... more
Joseph Briscoe Dane

Joseph Briscoe Dane

Criminal Defense Attorney - Tustin, CA

As a first offender, you should be eligible for a diversion program under PC 1000. That would entail taking and completing a drug class within 6 months, then remaining crime free for 18 months from the date of your plea. If you successfully complete the program, you can withdraw your plea and your case is dismissed.

If there are additional charges that make you ineligible for PC 1000, you may be eligible for a different drug program.

Don't take this lightly though - get an attorney.

The above answer is for general information only and is based on the information you posted. Every case is fact... more
James H. Dippery Jr

James H. Dippery Jr

Criminal Defense Attorney - Weaverville, CA

I agree with the other attorneys. Hire counsel or have the Public Defender appointed. I am assuming you are an adult, but if still a minor other factors will come into play that will possibly give you more options. Talk to your attorney.

Although I am an experienced CA criminal defense and appeals attorney, I can not 'guarantee' that my answer is... more

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