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I attend Full Sail University On line . Now the school is trying to take away my scholarship !

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In my estimated financial aid award letter, it shows that the scholarship is pending. However, I was assured by my financial aid advisor that everything was okay. I also pay a portion of my tuition out of pockets via monthly installments. I received an email yesterday from a different person introducing herself as my new financial aid advisor. She tells me that I was "initially awarded the Student Success Scholarship" which I shouldn't have been. So now I will have to get a private loan, pay out of pocket, or try to find a grant or scholarship somewhere on my own. Is there anything I can do to fight this? Although, I don't have a written document stating that I was awarded the scholarship, it said pending. She herself wrote that I was "initially awarded". Does that count for anything?

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  1. It sounds like there is a revolving door of "financial aid advisors" at this school. I don't believe this school is accredited, so there aren't the normal checks and balances that occur in most accredited universities. Bottom line - if the status of a scholarship is "pending" it means it has not been awarded. Period. Verbal assurances by persons that may not be there next week or month cannot be relied upon. Did they give you a reason the scholarship was not awarded? If the school is not accredited, it most likely will not qualify for Pell Grants, although you can try that as a route. Additionally, it may be too late for application for the grants. You should find a civil litigation attorney who will review your contract with the school to see what your options are.

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