I appealed w/EEOC a dismissed EEO Complaint against my Fed Agency. Case was put on internet. Does this violate my privacy rights

The initial Complaint was filed against my Federal employer. The case was dismissed without any remediation so, at the advice of HR staff within the Agency, I filed an appeal with the EEOC. The Commission dismissed the appeal, however, they posted the case with my name in it to the Internet. I only found this out after "googling" my name - this case came up at the top of my query. I understood that this complaint should have been left anonymous? Does this violate my Privacy Rights as a Federal employee or US Citizen? I am concerned that future employers, etc., can see this information. Kind Regards.

Alexandria, VA -

Attorney Answers (2)

David C. Holmes

David C. Holmes

Employment / Labor Attorney - Houston, TX

Once you took the matter to the EEOC, it became a public proceeding. The EEOC has issued Privacy Act regulations that exempt certain records. It appears that the record involving your appeal would fall within the exemption.


Arinderjit Dhali

Arinderjit Dhali

Employment / Labor Attorney - Washington, DC

No rights were violated in the present instance. Once you file a lawsuit, even as in here an administrative one w/the EEOC, its public knowledge. You do not have a cause of action.

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