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I am unemployed & my husband is sponsoring my parents for GC, do both need to file i-864 or I need I-864 & he needs I-864 A?

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I am sponsoring my parents for Green Card and they live aboard. I-130 has already been approved case has reached to NVC. I already have applied for Agent form and paid AOS fee. Now the problem is I am unemployed since one and half year so I cannot sponsor my parents. My husband has sufficient earning to support them. We had jointly tax filed for recent years. I am confused either we both have to fill I-864 (for both father and mother) or I need to fill I-864 (for both father and mother) and he fills I-864a (for both father and mother) ? And also I am confused about a question in I-864 Part 3, Q no 1. which is applicable only in cases with two joint sponsor (shall I tick Yes? since I guess we will be joint sponsor here) Please help me out here.

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  1. You really need to find an immigration attorney here on Avvo with the Find a Lawyer tool. Immigration law is complicated and you need assistance. It is not a do-it-yourself project.

    The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not considered to be legal advice.

  2. You and your husband will both need file i-864's - for both your mother and father. Hiring an attorney can save you months of wasted time due to mistakes.

  3. Yes you are correct. You need to file I864 - one form for each parent and your husband can file I864A if you live in the same household and file joint tax returns.

    The information contained in this answer is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter,not should it be viewed as establishing an attorney client relationship of any kind.

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