I am under 16 so I am under the age where I can legally emancipate myself, what do I do?

I am 14 and I live in Florida. I can no longer live at home. I am verbally and emotionally abused by my mother and sister. My sister physically abuses me but never to the point where she leaves a mark because she knows she'd get caught. It has gotten to the point where I have thought (multiple times) about and have attempted taking my own life. But I know better and I am just trying to find a way out now. Please help me if you can otherwise I'll just wait until I am 16. I don't want to be placed in foster care so that is not an option.

Naples, FL -

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Eric J Trabin

Eric J Trabin

Family Law Attorney - Winter Park, FL

It is not enough that you want to leave your home and have good reasons for doing so. You have to be able to convince a judge that you are able to take care of yourself and provide for yourself. Do you have a job? Do you have a trust account with a lot of money to pay for your expenses? Where would you live? The judge is going to ask these types of questions. If you are being abused then it should be reported to law enforcement or DCF. While you may not want to live in a foster home, it might be better than being in an abusive environment.

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