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I am trying to seek sole custody of my child and collect child support? But i want the arrangements to stay the same,

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My child father has remarried and has two other children with his new family. We had a previous arrangements for child care but now he is going back on the agreement we originally had. He and my child do not speak or see each other and basically he feels if the child does not want to see him then he is not going to give me child support. I have gone to therapy for him to try to reunite their relationship and nothing to the avail.please let me know if this can be done and what are my options

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  1. Yes, under these circumstances, you should be able to obtain an order of sole custody. And so long as you're the custodial parent, you're entitled to an order of support as well. You can file petitions for each at the Bronx Family Court. You should also schedule a free consultation with a Bronx Child Custody lawyer for a full assessment.

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  2. You can seek sole custody and child support. You can file in family court to seek both. If you have child care expenses, then you can also seek them. Have an experienced family law attorney help you. He will need to pay support. If he does not seek visitation, then it does not eliminate his obligation to support his child.

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  3. You may need to go to court and file for custody and child support. Another option could be mediation. If he agrees to try mediation, then you can attempt it, but mediation must be voluntary for it to work. If you aren't in a relationship with him where you can keep things amicable, then court may be your only option. Also, child support arrears accrue from the date you file the petition - so don't delay!

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