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I am trying to seek basic SSD info for a family member. Are any sources available that send info via snail mail?

Merritt Island, FL |

My older brother lives in Florida (I do not). He is not on e-mail and he is too intimidated to contact his local Social Security office to obtain even the most basic of information. I know that if he was sent the type of information found on the net (who qualifies, how to apply, etc.) that he would actually read it.. But I cannot find one source that will send info via snail mail.

Anyone have a clue who may send info via snail mail?


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You can log onto the Social Security website and they have most of the information that you are seeking on their website. You will just need access to a printer. If you brother does choose to file for disability, he will either need to go to a Social Security office in person; file online; or find someone to file for him -- many attorneys offer this service to their clients. Some attorneys only get involved in a Social Security Disability claim once the SSA has issued a denial.

Good luck.

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If it was me, I'd get an attorney to handle the application considering your brother's demeanor. Many Social Security attorney specialists will take initial applications on a contingent fee basis. Attorney assisted applications usually have a much better chance of being approved without the delay and headache of multiple appeals. Additionally, since Social Security rules are voluminous and confusing, an attorney will have a much better idea if your brother should apply or not.

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