I am trying to find the will and/or lawyer my aunt was using before she died so that her estate can be dealt with.

Asked 10 months ago - High Point, NC

My aunt did not have any children or surviving immediate family, only nieces and nephews. We do not know where to even begin to find the lawyer and/or will to handle her estate. She died suddenly and unexpectedly. We do know there is a will but do not know where she put it. She did have a lawyer but we do not know who. Any suggestions you can give would be a start.

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  1. Arthur Harold Geffen


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    Answered . You could try contacting the local bar association. They may be able to send an email making an inquiry for you. There also may be a local or state Probate Internet Group that lawyers use to attempt to find the attorney who wrote a will.

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  2. Jeffrey R. Gottlieb

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    Answered . There's no magic bullet here, but some ideas:

    - Search the residence and files high and low.
    - Check through her bank records to try to locate payment to an attorney.
    - Ask relatives and friends if they know what attorney she worked with and/or did they recommend an attorney
    - Ask her banks if she had a safety deposit box there
    - If she had a computer you can access that may leave clues there.
    - Check with her medical care providers and also banks to see if she ever used a power of attorney. If you can get a hold of that, that might tell you who drafted those documents, which would likely be the same as for the Will.

    Good luck!

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  3. Kenneth Love Jr.

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    Answered . Also check the clerk of court in the county where she lived. They are authorized to hold wills in their safe for just this type of situation

  4. Michael Leo Potter

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    Answered . You have two choices. If she didn't leave instruction as to where to find it, you can advertise in the local legal newspaper and if that doesn't work you can hire a Probate Attorney and open a Probate of your Aunt's Estate. Then the laws of Intestacy of the State where she resided will govern. I'm sorry for your loss. Best of Luck!

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