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I am trying to find a lawyer who will take my case as a pro bono in the state of Georgia

Richmond Hill, GA |

its a criminal case

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You might want to contact the public defender's office if you cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

Michael S. Marr

Michael S. Marr


Technically pro bono publico means "for the public good" and gratis means "for free." If the Asker has a case where the public good would be served by professional representation than that's one thing. If it's just some routine crime with no overall effect on statutes or constitutions (and lacks free TV coverage) than the case would not even qualify for pro bono.


Public Defenders are the pro bono criminal defense attorneys. Most private criminal defense attorneys will not take your case pro bono as they have to earn a living.

The information provided is not intended as legal advice and does not establish an attorney client relationship. If you are in the greater Sacramento area and wish a further consultation please contact me at (916)594-9442.


If you cannot afford an attorney, one may be provided to you by the State. If you are not satisfied with your appointed public defender, you're going to have to find a way to come up with the fee for a private attorney. Pro-bono on criminal cases is almost non-existent.


It is highly unlikely you will find one. Contact the public defender at your earliest opportunity.


I agree with the other posters. You will need to take the court appointed lawyer or come up with the money to hire a Private Lawyer.

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