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I am the defendant in a restraining order battle due to stalking and would like to avoid jail

San Diego, CA |
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i was caught stalking my ex by her family and went to the police to fill out paperwork. they didnt want to press charges at the time and was released to go home. before i show up for my hearing i would like to know if criminal charges can be filed

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Yes they can. Consult with a locally experienced criminal defense attorney, stop "stalking" your ex, and stop admitting guilt on public forums such as avvo.

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Agreed. They can file charges until the matter is closed or until it nears a trial date. And yes, stop admitting in public.

Thomas A. Schaeffer, Esq. Law Office of Juarez and Schaeffer PO Box 16216, San Diego, CA 92105 (619) 804-4327 This posting is provided for "informational purposes" only and should not be relied upon as "legal advice." Nothing transmitted from this posting constitutes the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. Applicability of the legal principals discussed here may differ substantially in individual situations or in different States.

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