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I am the custodial parent I'm moving 15 miles from Van to Pd . Do I need to give the courts notice or just the other parent ?

Portland, OR |

The move is a short distance but it is across state lines. The dad does not have an issue with the move so am I required to file something with the courts?

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  1. Check with an attorney who practices in Washington to be sure (assuming your judgment was from Washington). In Oregon, if both parents consent, then I don't think you need to file anything. It'd be a good idea to get a statement of his consent in writing (an email in which he says so would be fine).

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  2. What does the parenting plan and the court order say on this issue. If you had an attorney, talk to them about this issue.

  3. If your judgment is from Oregon, it would be wise to file your written 60-day notice with the father and with the court, then get his written consent to the move. This will cover you in case he decides to change his mind later on. If your judgment is from Washington, consult an attorney licensed to practice in Washington.

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