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I am suing New York City and it’s taking forever!

New York, NY |

I tripped and fell on a sidewalk back in 2005 and my lawyer sued the city of NY. Still I do not feel that we have gotten anywhere. What is taking so long? Is my lawyer the problem, or is this normal. He keeps saying that the city is like this. Should I believe him?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Yes, your lawyer is correct and you should believe him. City cases are notorious for being difficult to deal with and SLOW. However, interestingly enough, recently the city’s corporation counsel (one Michael A. Cardozo) is on the naughty list of the majority of New York’s court justices. It all happened because he made a comment that criticized the judiciary of inefficiency and/or ineffectiveness. Well, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be casting any stones. He basically got slammed back (in the form of angry public letters) by the justices of the court and the Plaintiff’s bar (my brethrens). Not to mention the city lost a couple of discovery motions since this event. Talk to your lawyer about this recent development and see if he would be interested in employing new tactics for your case. Maybe it’s time to start some motions. No guarantees that you’ll win, but it can’t hurt.
    Good luck with you case.

  2. Yes. Cases against the city have tremendous backlogs and take forever

  3. Litigation can persist over a period of years. If you are skeptical about the timetable that is involved in your case, then ask your lawyer (a) to permit you to review your litigation file, (b) to discuss the content of the files with you, (c) to explain the lawyer's litigation strategy, and (d) to explain whether it is appropriate to open settlement negotiations.

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