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I am sponsoring my husband and i dont meet affidavit of support requirement since iam unemployed and my parents will support me.

what forms do i and my mom and dad need to fill out, how do u calculate the household size and know if u meet the requirements...i live with my parents, one sister and 2 brothers do i count all of them in the household size for the I-864P guidline or it is just me, my husband and my parents .....i am confused ....thanks and waiting for responses

Tacoma, WA -

Attorney Answers (3)

Juan Paolo Pasia Sarmiento

Juan Paolo Pasia Sarmiento

Immigration Attorney - Cleveland, OH

If your income falls short of the requirement, you may include your parents and siblings as part of your household size as long as they have the same principle residence and their income, to be used also in support of your husband. They would complete and sign form I-864A.

Carlos E Sandoval

Carlos E Sandoval

Immigration Attorney - Hollywood, FL

You need to file form I-864A, and if your siblings are dependants then you count them. Otherwise you dont.

Heather Roberts Majam

Heather Roberts Majam

Immigration Attorney - Beaverton, OR

I agree with my colleagues. You can also download the instructions from the USCIS website, and that might answer some of your questions.

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