I am separating from my husband, if I leave our home will I be putting myself at risk of losing any of my rights?

Asked over 1 year ago - Ashburn, VA

I have told my husband of 8 years that I would like a separation and I am planning on moving out of our home. So far he has been cooperative and we are drafting a property settlement agreement together. I have entered into a lease on a condo but have been wondering if moving out is in my best interest. I am concerned that I may be forfeiting my rights to any of the assets in the house as well as the house itself. Also, will the courts view this as abandonment and potentially reduce benefits as far as child support and custody? The children will be spending half of their time with me in my new place and half their time with my husband.

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    Answered . Generally speaking, if you move out of the marital residence on agreement it cannot be used against you as grounds for abandonment. If you are working on a PSA together, I would consider it to be in your best interest to have that signed and notarized before you moved out, to be on the safe side.
    I would strongly advise you to consult an attorney, if you haven't done so already. Avvo is no subsitute for buying an hour of an attorney's time to make sure you are protected.

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    Answered . First, - If you move out are you forfeiting your rights to the marital assets.? The answer is no.
    Second - Will the Court consider this abandonment? In your case, no, because you have had a serious conversation with your husband and you guys are even working on a separation agreement.
    Third ** MOST IMPORTANT** Custody- If you move out without your kids or without an agreement about the custody arrangement , then your rights may be affected. I am glad you guys are trying to work things out but if nothing is set is stone then he could easily just keep the kids at the house. so to follow the other responders' advice, get the agreement first.

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    Answered . This can get tricky and because it has such huge possible consequences you should really speak with an attorney before moving forward to ensure that your rights are being protected during this time.

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    Answered . This is a good question. Having a written agreement in which everything is clearly spelled out and clarified before moving out might better protect you in several respects, and would minimize the chance of allegations of abandonment. This addresses your question here, but please keep in mind that this is not the only issue that you should be thinking about right now with regards to the potential legal consequences of moving out and separating.

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