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I am selling my house without a real estate agent Will need a real estate attorney to helpwiththe title and escrow process.

Tacoma, WA |

ilive in Tacoma, WA please respond to

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    I can draft the P&S agreement and we also have an escrow office to do the closing. We are located in Puyallup.

  2. Any local real estate attorney can assist you with preparing deeds and closing the deal.

    Good Luck.

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  3. An independent licensed escrow agent or title insurance company can assist with ordering a commitment for title insurance and the escrow process, as can an attorney. However, I recommend you have an attorney help you draft the purchase and sale agreement (oftentimes called the earnest money agreement) since that is one of the most important legal documents to the entire transaction.

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  4. Realtors(r) have access to all the right forms and they know the established local practices that are familiar to everyone locally from the title underwriters to the Recorder of Deeds to the local courts. Lawyers have that information, too, and they have the ability -- an ability you probably don't need or want here -- to be creative about it. One way or the other, you need the transaction to comply with local laws on disclosures, purchase and sale agreements, addenda with options, and descriptions of the few thousand things that can go wrong and have gone wrong in past transactions. If you use the forms or get a lawyer to advise you on the best contracting practices, it will be a relatively simple matter if things go badly for some reason. If you do it wrong, it could be a matter of "pay me now, or pay me (much, much more) later." Litigation over real estate is extremely expensive. So, use some competent professional to document and complete the transaction. Using a lawyer means you get his or her malpractice coverage as well as the title insurance. Lawyers usually charge hourly, but you might find one who'd document a transaction for the cost of the settlement fee and title insurance premium, which is often no more than the cost of having the closing done by a non-lawyer title agent. Using a Realtor(r) and buying premium title insurance gets you security, too. Also, many Realtors(r) will be happy to receive a flat fee to document a transaction that they didn't market.

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  5. There are pros and cons on this issue. I have written article discussing "Do you still need a real estate broker?" that can be found at

  6. Are you asking "whether" you need an attorney, or are you seeking referrals?
    I recommend you retain counsel and you can either use the "find a lawyer" on this site above, or call your local Tacoma - Pierce County Bar Association's referral service. Here's a link to their site:

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