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I am seeking a Pro Bono lawyer for a Forgery charge that has been alleged against me in Georgia.

Lithonia, GA |

There is an alleged forgery warrant for my arrest concerning a student loan that my dad co-signed on in 2002. My dad told the bank that he did not sign and this is how the forgery warrant came about. I have never been in trouble and i am still in college with a toddler. I have tried contacting lawyers but I was laid off and i do not have money for a GOOD lawyer

I am unable to get any solid details about this warrant nor the exact charges against me. I am scared to turn myself in without knowing all the details. My dad is willing to help me through this but he is actually the reason why I am in this pickle. Please advise

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  1. Criminal lawyers do not generally work pro bono unless the case is notorious enough that it will help their reputations and bring future business. If you can't afford a private lawyer use the PD's office which is generally staffed with GOOD dedicated lawyers.

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