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I am owed over 70thousand in back child support, i live off disability and cant afford a lawyer, the father now only pays

Odenville, AL |

400 a month ,i have been going through the dhr child support since 1999, he has always worked in construction so they dont garnishy his wages,i never get to talk to the worker unless we are at court, its not been the best way at all to get help but i havent had much of a choice in this, he never sees his kids or grandkids in years, they dont know the father at all, i need some advice on how to get anything i can so he will have to settle his debt to these kids someway, somehow, what else can i do for them to have justice toward the debt

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  1. There isn't anything you can do. If they are having him pay (you say @ $400/month), then that's all there will be. The law requires him to pay, but it puts a cap on how much of his pay can be taken for support. Working in construction, his pay is probably hit-and-miss at best, but you don't explain why they cannot garnish his pay? Is he self-employed? Regardless, the state has an order and is enforcing it, so there isn't anything you can do about it. The lack of contact with the kids is irrelevant - you can't change that.

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