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I am on workman's comp and need to know how you will be compensated for right and left shoulder rotator cuff tears ?

Fresno, CA |

Left injury Aug 2008 and right shoulder Sept 2009 one month after started full duty .

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    As a general description, you will probably get workers comp checks or state disability while you are off work and until you reach maximum medical improvement. You may get surgery to your torn cuffs, and should receive the same benefits while you are recovering from surgery. Then you will be evaluated to determine the extent of your disability and offered a settlement on that evaluation (a QME and/or your own treating physician).

  2. Usually they send you a check, because cash is harder to keep track of for accounting purposes.

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  3. If you are on TD you get 2/3 of your check. However based on date of injury you would be way beyond the 104 week limit. Therefore, I am supposing you are asking what amount would you be offered for the type of injury you suffered. In order to answer additional information is required. Like, WPI, profession, what is the future medical, etc... I would strongly suggest that you get a WC attorney ASAP.

  4. Since you are probably receiving temporary disability through workers compensation, I will focus on the compensation aspect of your question as it pertains to the permanent disability of your shoulder injuries. At some point in your treatment the doctor is going to state that you have reached maximum medical improvement. At that time he assess the impairment in your left shoulder and your right shoulder. Because you have two dates of injury, each shoulder impairment will be rated separately because of the Benson case. The impairment ratings for your shoulders will translate into a dollar figure assuming you have more than 0% impairment. get a good, local and experienced workers compensation attorney to explain your settlement options to you and create a litigation plan to help you get there. You can get a good attorney on this site or at

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