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I am on unsupervised/misdemeanor DUI probation from a private probation office. I received a city ordinance citation for DDI.

Warner Robins, GA |

I have not had any previous probation violations. Could this affect my probation and how could it possibly affect it?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Most sentences that include probation have the following requirement: Do not violate the laws of any governmental unit. Since a city ordinance violation would be included in that list, your citation is a violation of probation. Your probation officer may or may not decide to bring a warrant for that violation. If the PO does take a warrent, it will be up to the judge whether to revoke your probation. If it gets to that point, you will want to have a lawyer represent you at the revocation hearing.

  2. Mr. Fitzpatrick'sadvice is sound. I would only suggest you get an attorey to assist in the city ordinance violation. Try to avoid further damge to your record.

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