I am on removal proceedings and i have a court date on the second week of may. MY situation back home

is really bad and it is not safe for me to go back home since i have already been a target of physical abuse. i was told that i cannot file for asylum until after the hearing. Is it true?

San Jose, CA -

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Sufen Hilf

Sufen Hilf

Immigration Attorney - Troy, MI

You should be able to reqeust reliefs in the master heearing and the judge will give you a date to file asylum if you are eligible for it. It is complicated to file a defensive asylum and you should hire a lawyer.

Neil Ian Fleischer

Neil Ian Fleischer

Immigration Attorney - Cincinnati, OH

No you can and should file for asylum. Also hire a lawyer

Neil I Fleischer (513) 977-4209 www.immigrate2usa.com Note: Neil Fleischer is an attorney licensed in the State... more

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