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I am on probation now and my terms are to not contact my ex and I have a restraining order against me.

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We both agreed to see eachother and go out for her bday. So we got on a local train to the mall together moments later transit police gets on and I haven't paid for bus fare ran my name and found out we wasn't suppose to be together I went too jail. Wen I was released I seen my p.o and told him about it I had court and now they are bringing me too trial for violating probabtion and the no contact order also for not paying for the bus. What do u think will happen to me during trial?

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  1. I am afraid that if your conditions of probation include a DANCO - which is a domestic abuse no contact order - any contact with the ex would likely result in a probation violation where you would face any jail time stayed and/ or fines. You cannot violate those conditions even if the other person wishes that to occur. To remove the restraining provisions, you must file a Motion to modify conditions of release.

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  2. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if you both agreed to be together, since there is still a court order forbidding contact. This is a serious allegation; however, there are possible defenses which can be explored. It would be in your best interest to discuss your case with an attorney and begin preparing any, and all, defenses to your case(s).

    Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this case further. Best of luck to you both.

  3. I agree with counsel. The party who got the restraining order against you does not control what's a violation and what's not. They cannot give you an "excused" visit. Regarding the trial, it's impossible to predict. You could talk to your PO and your public defender ahead of time and see what you can do to best prepare for the trial.

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