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I am on probation for felony dwi in bexar county. Curious the difference in pretrial and probation with the interlock.

San Antonio, TX |

I just recently was sentenced to probation on a felony dwi charge. My pretrial officer sent my interlock company a court order signed by the judge to remove the interlock from my car. Spoke with my probation officer and she said that it still needs to be in my car. I havnt taken it out due to this reason. I have had it on for almost 18 mths. What should i do???

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You should have your lawyer get clarification from the court. In the meantime, you should keep it on your car. You are required to keep it on half of the term of probation. Have you done that? If not, the judge is not authorized to remove the interlock, unless another device is monitoring your blood.


Follow your probation officer's advise. Keep good lines of communication open with your probation officer.

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Unfortunately as a result of your conviction you will have a license suspension for 2 years. You can get an occupational license down the road but you will be required to have an interlock device if you want to drive. This is State law and the Judge has very little discretion. Contact a San Antonio Attorney experienced in obtaining occupational driver's licenses. This is a felony situation so make sure that the attorney is experienced in submitting Petitions for Occupational Drivers License in the felony District Court. `

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