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I am on probation for a meth charge and i was charged with theft by recieving felony, what will happen

Jackson, GA |

they do not have me selling anything but my boyfriend did and they have that, but they charged me too

i have a probation revocatoin hearing on 3/20, and I need help

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  1. You cold have our probation revoked and be sent to jail. You need to hire a lawyer immediately to deal with both the probation case and the new case.

  2. Your question is too broad. Generally, however, the answer is that you will be prosecuted. End of story. Worst case is your convicted of a felony. This is no joke. Just because you think your weren't involved doesn't mean that you're not guilty or that you cannot be convicted. You can. Period. You absolutely need to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney.

  3. Retain an attorney to represent you.

    Darrell B. Reynolds,
    Attorney and Counselor at Law
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  4. If you have 10 years or less probation left, you could have the balance of your probation revoked. When a probationer commits a new felony, the judge is authorized to revoke the entirety of their probation, up to the maximum sentence for the new felony they committed while on probation.

    Moreover, theft by recieving stolen property doesn't require you to sell anything. You can be found guilty of this offense if you "recieve, dispose of or retain" stolen property when you knew or should have known it was stolen. If you jointly possessed stolen property with your boyfriend (such as when you share a residence together, etc.) and you knew or should have known that property was stolen, you can be convicted of this crime.

    Joint constructive possession of stolen property is a difficult legal concept. You need an attorney to look at the evidence against you and determine whether you have any defenses to this charge. Call me if I can be of assistance.

    Allen R. Knox
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