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I am on probation for 2 convicted possession of a controlled substance class 4 felonies, and i have one case pending............

Chicago, IL |

Worst case scenario I would have 3 convictions of a class 4 possession of a controlled substance. I've been clean for over a year now, have gotten my life together and understand that I have to complete probation as court ordered. Now my question is, once i've successfully completed my probation, is it possible to get all 3 of these cases expunged or sealed? And if not, is it possible to become a lawyer or DEA agent with a record like mine? Thank you!

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  1. Your convictions cannot be expunged. They will also prevent you from becoming a lawyer. I am not sure about becoming a DEA agent but it doesn't seem iikely. You might wish to ask them directly.

  2. First off congratulations on getting clean! That's great! I will let a more experienced attorney speak to the issue of expunging or sealing your record. Regarding becoming an attorney, ultimately, that decision will be made by the attorney registration commission of the state in which you want to practice. I don't think a felony conviction will necessarily foreclose that possibility. The most important thing is to be completely candid on both your law school and bar admission applications. The biggest sin in the eyes of the attorney registration commission will be dishonesty. Regardless of whether you are able to seal your convictions, your law school and bar admission board will most likely want to know about them. I would contact a professional liability attorney if you have any questions whatsoever about what should or should not disclose. Good luck!

  3. You can't expunge them. Not a good chance of being admitted with three felonies.

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