I am on probation and violated my probation getting an MIP will i go to jail?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Rochester, MI

I am on juvi probo in oakland county for an MIP for weed and a paraphnila charge. I was issued an MIP for drinking 2 days after being put on probation. I was charged as an adult for the newest MIP and was issued the judge Lisa Asadorian. I now have to have a formal hearing for my juvinal probation and a formsl hearing for the adult court. Should I get an attorney for both cases?!

I blew a 0.08% and was in a car fire, I was the one to call 911. I passed my sobrity test but the still made me blow. There was no alcohol on us, nor in the car. There was no driving or car accident either. I also personally apologizd to every cop there and shook their hands the cop that arrested me said that hewas going to try to help me in anyway that he could in my adult court hearing.

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  1. Daniel P. Hilf

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    Answered . If you can afford to hire a lawyer, you should do so. For a violation of probation for a juvenile case, being detained in children's village or a different placement is a possibility. A lot depends on your history, and the Referee or Judge assigned to the case. Judge Asadoorian is a very tough Judge at the 52/3rd District Court. You also want to do everything in your power to try and keep this off your record, and get the best possible result.

  2. Mariell Rebekah McLatcher

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    Answered . Judge Asadoorian is very tough on drug and alcohol charges. The fact that you received the new charge within days of being placed on probation will not be in your favor in either case.

    It is in your best interest to retain an attorney to represent you in both cases. If you cannot afford an attorney you can ask the courts to appoint one for you.

    My response does not constitute legal advice and we do not have an attorney/client relationship. You may contact... more
  3. Joshua Paul Rubin

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    Answered . I agree, you need an attorney. Let me also tell you this. I have heard from clients hundreds of times (literally) that the cops said they would help. Funny thing is I can't remember one time where the cop showed up in court to "help" out. I wouldn't count on any assistant from the police. Get the help you need from a good defense attorney.

  4. Madana Marry Hermiz

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    Answered . You definitely want to hire an attorney if you are facing these charges in Rochester District Court. You are in one of the toughest courts in the tri-county area, and an attorney will help you navigate through your new charge and probation violation. While having the police on your side definitely doesn't hurt, it also doesn't really help a whole lot.

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