I am on probation and got arrested for a felony can i bond out of jail

Asked almost 4 years ago - Canadian, TX

i was arrested for a felony and only have 11 months left om probation what are my chances of getting bonded out of jail for probation violation

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  1. Cynthia Russell Henley

    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . You are on felony probation and got arrested for a felony? If you are on straight probation, the chances of getting out on bond are zero. If you are on deferred, it is possible but the bond can be very high. Moreover, when they file a motion to revoke (or adjudicate) the probation you are on, you will be arrested again. You need to spend your money on hiring a lawyer.

  2. Russell David Hunt Jr.

    Contributor Level 11

    Answered . If you can bond out prior to the probation revocation being filed you should do so. Then hire an attorney to try and avoid the revocation being filed. Also bust your butt to get caught up on everything on your probation to give them less reason to want to revoke you.

    If the revocation is already filed, your bondsman or attorney can check to see if the judge has set a bond on it.

    Whether or not you can make bond on the probation violation is up to the judge. On a straight probation he doesn't have to set a bond; on a deferred probation he doesn't have to set a "reasonable" bond. So you can see that he can simply choose to give you no bond or such a high bond that you can't possibly get out.

    I have certainly had clients who made bond on revocation warrants--it depends on the severity of the violation. A new felony is pretty severe, but some felonies are worse than others.

    Russ Hunt Jr.
    AV-Rated Board Certified Criminal Defense
    Throughout Central Texas

  3. James Morris Balagia


    Contributor Level 14

    Answered . You have gotten about the best advice out there from two good lawyers. I will only add that you need to get a local criminal defense attorney involved right away. Make sure you aren't hiring someone who will just go through the motions. Do an Avvo.com search for someone that can do you some good. The sooner the better.

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