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I am on felony probation for five year's my Can two felons live together if legally married

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I am on felony probation he is in a state

rehab from prison we share a child together can we live toghther

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A usual and regular requirement of probation is that you not associate with other felons. For every rule there are exceptions. If you are married and have a child together then I would advise you to first inform your respective Probation Officers of your wish to live together. The POs can then go to the respective Judge in your individual cases and ask for a waiver or modification of the terms of probation. Understand you don't want to follow the old adage that its easier to be forgiven than to ask permission. That is not the case with probation. If he's on parole then his parole officer will have to approve. A lawyer can help with this if your PO is lazy and refuses to move on your request.


Generally felons are prohibited from having interaction with other felons - whether on parole or on probation. If you already had a relationship that resulted in a child, it is possible that this restriction can be waived. HOwever, do not assume it and do not violate the restriction without express permission to associate given by the parole and probation officer for each of you. NO relationship is worth a pen trip in my opinion.


You would need to get the court's permission. You could be revoked if the probation department finds out and you don't have permission. If he's on parole, he also needs permission. One loud argument and you both could go to jail. Children shouldn't have parents in jail.

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