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I am on a 12-month probation. Can I go back to my home country after 7 months because my work visa & I-94 expires at that time?

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I have been recently charged with DUI and mostly will be convicted or reduced to reckless driving, in either of the case I will have to be in a 12-month probation. I attended the DUI school and alcohol conselling and finished some hours of voluntary service. My L1A work visa will expire after 7 months and the date on my I-94 as well. I will still be left with 5 months of probation at that time. Can I return to my home country after 7 months when my visa expires, because I can't legally stay in US after that, unless my organisation extends the visa and provided the visa officer accepts it. Will I have to mention about DUI while applying for the extension of L1A visa? How will this effect my future travel to the US and getting admissions in US universities and when applying for a green card?

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  1. Hello:

    Getting this 'reduced' to reckless driving puts you in a worse position than you are now. You could be inadmissible and have to submit a Waiver. It would be in your interest to make sure your change of status or extension is filed here in the U.S. Please see more below.


    Brian D. Lerner
    Attorney at Law

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