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I am not on probation but have interlock. I failed the startup due to alcohol. First time, is this a big problem? License wise

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Will I lose my restricted? Will it make it so I cant get my license in the future? What are the consequences? I am in Michigan. I read that since it is in my first 2 months that they dont consider it a violation, but i am really nervous.

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You violated the terms of probation that you agreed to. You should work with your probation officer and try to ask for a second chance.



i AM NOT on probation, so i am just wondering about my license


It sounds like you got a restricted license pursuant to a DLAD appeal and you now have the interlock for 12 months. If you blew a positive result, that is considered a major violation and it is going to be a problem and you are going to be called in for a hearing.

The best thing you can do at this point is hire a criminal defense attorney to consult with you regarding possible mitigation/damage control.

If you have an alcohol interlock for some other reason, I would need to have more details before I could tell you what to do. You can find a 10.0 rated criminal defense attorney by searching on Avvo.

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