I am moving on the first but i have an arraignment date on the 11th. is it possible to get my court date moved?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Lynn, MA

I am a 23 year old male. The arraignment is for an a/b but the other kid tackled me first, i only hit him once in self defence. He was the drunkest kid at the party, he doesnt even remember what room it happened in. I'm just trying to find out if i can move my court date because i am moving 2 weeks before.

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    Answered . When you hire an attorney, she can ask that your case be brought forward, but it is not likely to be resolved at that time, and there will be more court appearances you will be required to attend.

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    Answered . Do you have an attorney? If so, have your attorney contact the District Attorney's office and the clerk's office at the court that will be hearing this case. Your attorney can ask that the arraignment be postponed, although there are no guarantees that he/she will be successful in this request. If you do not have an attorney, you should consult with an attorney and work with that attorney to see what options may be available: if moving the case is not an option, perhaps a resolution to the case can be discussed so that your time in the courts is as efficient and quick as possible.

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    Answered . It is a possibility. You should hire a criminal defense attorney and then have them contact the clerks office. I have seen arraignments moved up before.

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    Answered . Hire a lawyer to assist you

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    Answered . If you hire an attorney , you should have no problem changing the arraignment date. I have had clients with similar situations and we moved the arraignment to an earlier date and I have also changed arraignments to dates in the future. It is a summons arraignment, so the court should be accommodating to your attorney. Although you are moving you will still be expected to appear for future court dates until the matter is resolved.

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