I am medially mentally disabled by the state, was served a SHOW CAUSE ORDER in a civil case, i dont understand the proceedings

a judge sent me a show cause order in a civil case, i dont understand the nature of the proceedings as i'm certified as menatlly disabled, i'm indigent, i replyed to the show cause order stating i want a attorney, i want a mental health evaluation. The show cause order was sent where i have to respond why i should not be held in cotempt, thats why i asked for a attorney & mental health eval... do i have a right for them to appoint me a attorney in a show cause order dealing with me possibly getting contempt, and do i have a right to a mental health evaluation as i dont understand the nature of this

West Chester, PA -

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Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez

Criminal Defense Attorney - New York, NY

there are generally many services that provide free legal services to people in your situation... I would suggest searching you immediate area for such services...

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