I am looking to have a charge against me annulled. I visited the courthouse and received papers petitioning the same.

About five years ago, I was cited as disturbing the peace. Since then I have been turned down in my job efforts. I believe it is because of the charge. I am having difficulty answering the questions asked on the petition to have the charge annulled .The questions are vague and I'm afraid I might be turned down for wrong answers, even though I have not had any legal problems since, except for a minor traffic violation.

Sandown, NH -

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Jay Bodzin

Jay Bodzin

Family Law Attorney - Milwaukie, OR

I'm not sure why you listed this under 'prenuptials.' You should consult with an attorney in your area to see if the conviction can be expunged. If your record is clean otherwise, it may be possible to have the conviction hidden after a certain period of time.

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