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I am looking for information about getting deposit back.

Oroville, CA |

I am looking for the law that states that if my landlord goes through foreclosure in California. That if the old landlord don't pay me my deposit back. Does the new landlord have to pay me my deposit? Please give me the law to refer too.

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You should review Civil Code section 1950.5, specifically subsections (e), (h), and (j). The answers to your question are detailed in those sections (e.g. the landlord's successors in interest are jointly and severally liable with the landlord for repayment of the security, or that portion to which the tenant is entitled).

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Randy C. Schustal

Randy C. Schustal


similar to ny as well


Did you contract with the new landlord?

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It was the new landlord that informed my friend that he does NOT have a deposit with the new landlord


talk with the new landlord and discuss with them.

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