I am looking for a lawyer who can review a contingency agreement.

Asked about 2 years ago - New York, NY

My lawyer is not abiding by his contingency agreement and I am also looking to hopefully replace him on a case in NY. Please respond with your e-mail to continue discussions

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    Answered . Contingency agreements are fairly standard, with slight variations. Your best bet would be to click on the link for the lawyers that respond here and find which one best suits your needs. I suggest you review several and select one or two that handles they type of case that you have. Each lawyers profile will allow you to email them directly.

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    Answered . Attorney Gennarelli has given you sound advice.

    I would add only that you should at least arrange to sit down with your current lawyer in person and address all of your concerns. If your lawyer cannot answer your questions to your satisfaction then you should look elsewhere.

    Good Luck

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    Answered . You have the right to replace your lawyer if you are dissatisfied with his work. You may owe him a fee or a percentage of the fee for the work he has performed. Discuss the matter first with your current lawyer to see if you can resolve your differences. If that does not work, then reach out to other lawyers to discuss the possibility of one taking over the case. Contingency fee agreements are not usual, but more details are needed from the facts you posted. You may want to discuss them off line with an attorney.

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    Answered . What is your case about? Eric@RothsteinLawNY.com

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