I am looking at 240 days in LA County jail. Is there a way to estimate how much of that "time" I will really have to do.

Asked about 1 year ago - Los Angeles, CA

This was for a 3rd DUI. I had my other two 8 years ago, however that matters not under California statute. My lawyer is attempting to work it down o the state minimum of 120 days. Just trying to get some insight.
Thank you.

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  1. Nicholas Milan Loncar


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    Answered . Because the sentence is 240, you're likely to do more time than the examples Mr. Zarabi cited. Up until 90 days, it's usually just a day or two. my best guess would be that you will do between 5 and 45 days. If your lawyer is able to get down to the 120 min, it'll be less.

  2. Elliot Rahmim Zarabi


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    Answered . No way to be sure... I had a client go in on Thursday for Grand Theft for 30 days and was released on Friday night, had another client go in on Thursday for 60 days for a second time DUI within 2 weeks, and was also released on Friday night... Not much...

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  3. Michael Kevin Cernyar


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    Answered . Ask your attorney. Your attorney will know.

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  4. Benjamin A. Williams

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    Answered . If your offense is not either 1) a serious or 2) violent crime then you should be entitled to Penal Code 4019 credits, often referred to as "good time" credit. 4019 gives two days credit for every one day served. Behave in custody and you should be out after 120 days.

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