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I am involved in a civil case (ADA / PHRA) against my former employer. We are in settlement talks.

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I am involved in a civil case (ADA / PHRA) against my former employer. We are in settlement talks. I also have another civil case against another former employer (after the first) for almost the same thing. The first case is saying my damages stop when the case against the second was filed. Is this true? If so, can you point me to some case law.

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In any case filed under the ADA or PHRA against a former employer where you are in "settlement talks" you should be seek representation from an experienced employment law attorney as there are many legal issues. In a situation where there is more than one charge filed it is even more critical as there are strategy and damages issues. You contact an experienced employment law attorney as soon as possible.

At Abramson Employment Law we devote our practice to helping employees fight unfair practices by their employers such as discrimination based upon age, race, sex, religion and national origin, disability, sexual harassment, overtime and unpaid wage disputes. As a courtesy to Avvo correspondents, Abramson Employment Law, LLC reviews all inquiries and provides correspondents with a brief courtesy reaction to a factual scenario on a complimentary basis. Please understand that this communication does not constitute a detailed legal opinion for which a client has retained the attorney.

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I appreciate the advise of have an attorney. However, I have made it through discovery and summary judgement as pro se. There are no attorneys willing to step into the case at this point. I am simply asking for case law to show that my damages from the first employer don't stop forever because I filed a case against another employer. I mean the second case (which I do have an attorney for) is just getting started - who knows if it will survive summary judgement.


We represent lots people across PA in these situations and the most common error we find in self representation is that the opposing side is low balling the settlement amount. And whats more is that you don't even realize it because they will say seemingly reasonable things like in your above comment or that unemployment offsets wages. You really do need counsel to explain how damages and to properly assert your claims so that you can get maximum value out of your case.

Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC ("KM&A") only offers general purpose information and in order for legal advice to potentially be rendered, as per our policy, a person must contact KM&A through the web at or through Attorney Michael Kraemer who can be reached directly at 412-626-5560. Further, Avvo makes it extremely clear that attorney answers to questions are for general purposes only (i.e. nothing posted to Avvo is legal advice) and does not establish an attorney-client relationship, nor are any communications privileged. At KM&A, we devote our practice to Employment, Business, Personal Injury and Litigation. Employment includes discrimination based upon age, disability, gender, sexual harassment, race, national original, overtime, unpaid wages, military service, among other things. Business includes representation of small business for all types of matters as well as minority-majority shareholder disputes. Personal injury includes automotive accidents, premise liability, wrongful death, and all sorts of other injuries. Litigation includes all types of civil litigation across Pennsylvania. Since an attorney-client relationship has not been created, you must talk to an attorney to see if they are willing to undertake your representation and on what terms. Feel free to view our Universal Terms of Service:

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