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I am involed in a Ohio Work Comp I have a law firm on my case. It is a long story an it is against my lawyers Case is 4yrs old

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Started out to get surgery, denied. back an forth, now I am getting other health problems an lawyers will not return calls or emails. I get ask stuff that I need help on answers, I fill I am not getting help any more. They will get more money if they settle for MMI rather than fight for me. Is this a breach of contract. I dont have any say in it? My Doctor is fighting to get help for surgery. This story is much longer. I am now also on s/s disability an just got Ins. I am afraid that my back surgery is going to be my Ins. an my pocket.Lawyers are under contract also? To help me an they, I feel are just stopping where they can get the most cash?

I was trying to make short, an I said against my lawyers. But OBWC is the ones tht denied almost every test an used all they could to avoid surgery agianst 7 doctors an 3 surgeons. So far pills is about all they have approved, an stopped acouple. Lawyers will not call me back so I even no what I should or not do,or what to say? I thought hiring a lawyer was to help me. I believe they are going to shut me off, an maybe last chance to get surgery?

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  1. Try to get a referral to another workers comp attorney there in Ohio for a second opinion, if nothing else to put your mind at ease.

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  2. Would suggest you make appointment go see your attorney with list of questions and if you not satified with the answers get a second opinion. Its your case and you deserve to know what is happening and why, and be sure to ask your attorney what there plan is to get your surgery and how long each step in the process should take. That will give you a way to monitor the progress of your case. At the end of the meeting ask for a confirming letter for your records.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. First, what you are describing is a typical Ohio Workers' Compensation claim. Your Managed Care Organization or MCO for short is the source of much of your trouble to date from the sounds of it. They are like an HMO for workers' comp that your employer picked and they are the ones denying your treatment. MMI does not do your attorney or you any good. Your claim will not now simply settle because of this. In fact, settlement is rare

    This answer does not constitute legal advice for your situation and no attorney-client relationship has been formed. We can only assist you if you come into our office, meet with one of our attorneys, sign the necessary fee agreement and other necessary workers' compensation forms. Until then, we are not acting as your attorney and can take no actions to protect your interests. Further, we can not properly advise you as to the deadlines to act, also known as the statute of limitations. We can tell you missing such a deadline, even when you are unaware of, will result in you losing all rights under your claim.

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